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Welcome to the Online Course Portal for Victory Arms, LLC

Within you will find some of the most comprehensive e-learning courses with material derived from some of the top contributors in the firearm industry put into practice, as well as melded with a decade of trial-and-error methods to find the best way to convey the information Responsibly Armed Citizens NEED to know.

From Knowledge Stems Victory

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” – Abu Bakr

Please bear with the bare-bones look for a short while.

Don’t judge a book simply by its cover; We might be pretty sparse while I get the hang of a completely different platform, but the content within has been tailored to the community at large and put into a presentable format easy to pick up and complete at your own pace.


We currently have the MN Permit to Carry Online course and Pistols 101 available for use, with Home Defense, Active Shooter Critical Response, Protecting Places of Worship, and a Basic Armorer series starting with Cleaning Your Gun coming up soon.